Since the 80's, the original European exerciser has become renowned worldwide. Also known as a horse walker, they are commonplace in not only the United States, but all over Europe, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, India, Japan, Hong Kong and Mexico.

The Liberty Horse Exerciser is available in different sizes. The most common sizes are the 4 horse (50 feet in diameter) and the 6 horse (66 feet diameter). Unlike old fashioned hot walkers, the horse exerciser allows the horse to walk and trot freely in a more natural way. The moving gates between horses creates a safe exercise environment. The hinged gates move between two round fences that are eight feet apart. The Liberty Horse Exerciser requires low maintenance and is easy to operate. We guarantee the highest quality products as well as excellent service .
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- Praise for Liberty Horse Exerciser -

"The Liberty Horse Exerciser has been an important part of Flexible’s physical and mental conditioning since his importation to the USA in 2002.  I doubt he would have recovered from his various issues and injuries incurred throughout his career without the Exerciser.  At 20 years old, he still enjoys and benefits from his sessions.  It saves valuable staff time and increases safety on a daily basis with all our horses." ~ Rich Fellers

Exerciser Models


The Multitrainer has been designed to combine the space of an enclosed exerciser with a lunging ring

The result is a 6 horse Exerciser of 66' diameter, together with a 50' diameter lunging ring, all housed within the same building


Trackroof System I

The Trackroof System I features a covered exercise pathway. The exterior fencing consists of 8 layers of hardwood with a one foot opening between the top rail. The total height is 6’3”. The hardwood planks have been planed and provided with tongue and groove. The interior fencing is the ECO-C version (9 layers of hardwood). The sides of the Exerciser are fitted with a green wind guard. The unit is completed by a 6’ galvanized sliding gate.


Trackroof System II

Our Trackroof System II has the same structure as the Trackroof System I except that the exterior fencing in System II consists of 12 layers of hardwood with a total height of 7’. The front is equipped with a 66’ long galvanized gauze-frame viewing strip. The interior fencing is the ECO-C. The unit is completed by a 6’ galvanized sliding gate.



Trackroof System III

The Trackroof System III has an exterior and interior fencing consisting of vertical placed tongue and groove hard wood in galvanized steel frames. Above is a 20" high galvanized metal grid with a total height of 6'3".

Photo shows shingle style roofing sheet.

Fencing and Gate Options
Solid Fencing

Thermally galvanized 1 1/2“ thick steel frames with 4‘6“ high tongue and groove hardwood, vertical or horizontal. 3 to 5 rails of galvanized tubing on top of the inner and outer fence. Total height: 5’9”.


The ECONOMIC type fencing consists of planed hardwood with rounded corners, mounted in a thermally galvanized channel. 9 layers of hardwood with a 2” space. Total height: 5’6”.

Economic Fencing
Safety Rubber Gate
Standard Gate


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Diagram of 50' Exerciser

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How it works...

All Liberty Horse Exercisers are thermally galvanized. The Exerciser is powered by a 1.5kw. 220 volt speed reduce engine. Liberty Horse Exerciser comes standard with a 2-phase control panel, described in detail below.


Two Phase Control Panel
Four Settings:

1 - only revolves to the left and the speed is continuously variable

2 - only revolves to the right and the speed is continuously variable

3 - automatically revolves to the left and then to the right and the speed is continuously variable.

4 - automatically revolves to the left and then to the right at walking speed; it then repeats this procedure at trotting speed



Low Maintenance - Only bearings need to be greased a few times a year

Longest Warranty available of three years for the electrical components, gearbox and motor


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